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Dr. Anthony Williams is Associate Professor of Trombone at the University of Northern Iowa. He teaches courses in applied trombone, chamber music, trombone pedagogy, trombone literature, and low brass techniques. He also serves as a member of UNI’s jazz faculty by teaching courses in applied jazz trombone and directing the UNI Jazz Trombone Ensemble.

A Glimpse of My Teaching

I strive to demonstrate professionalism, care, and passion for everything related to my teaching. As a professional, I remain active as a performer and stay current with the latest research, publications, performance practices, and pedagogy. My students learn who I am and how I maintain success as a teacher and performer. My primary objective is to offer my teaching and performing expertise in a way to best prepare my students for a career in the field of music whether it be education, performance, business, therapy, technology and beyond.


My students encounter a positive learning environment that promotes confidence and growth. Student backgrounds and levels of ability will always vary thus they are recognized as individuals and interacted with on a personal level. There is a strong sense of community in my studio. Members are expected to be respectful, courteous, nurturing, open-minded, and forward-thinking.


Beyond teaching students how to play the trombone and how to practice, I also help them become successful teachers. Members of my studio will encounter a curriculum that prepares them to perform classical, jazz, and commercial styles with poise and confidence. Students participate in solo, chamber, and large ensembles to utilize the skills they learn from applied lessons in addition to the guidance they receive from ensemble directors and coaches. All of these experiences are sure to produce a musician that is versatile, which is essential for an artist in the twenty-first century.

I have always enjoyed teaching as much as I have enjoyed performing. I am fortunate to have had teachers instill skill and motivate me. I endeavor to show my passion for music in hopes that I mold and inspire my students to become the best performers, teachers, and people they can be. The success of one’s students is the ultimate reward of teaching.

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